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What is Domain Cost Club?


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    • Earn $25 per referral
    • Earn on indirect referrals
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    • Rock bottom at-cost pricing on domain registrations, renewals, and transfers
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How Does Domain Cost Club Work?

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Membership Benefits

Domain Cost Club Membership not only guarantees you at-cost domain pricing, it also includes our Affiliate Starter Kit. That's access to online marketing tools that allow you to earn bounties and commissions on referrals.

Refer a Friend
Sharing is Caring!

If you know someone who could take advantage of our Cost Club, give them a link to your personalized referral page. When they purchase their Membership, you will earn $25 in bounty and commission!

Build a Network
Earn on 7 Levels

Referring creates a waterfall of commissions. You'll receive commission for your referrals, their referrals, and so on through seven levels — your network. Commission is paid on Membership renewals too!

Get Paid
Semi-Weekly Payouts

Get ready to cash some checks. Every month we'll pay out your earnings by the method of your choice. No more waiting to be rewarded for your efforts!

How Can I Join Domain Cost Club?

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A Simple Product

Domain Cost Club affiliates sell just one type of product: Membership

Every Club Member you refer will net you commissions and bounties.

Even Simpler Commissions

Earn $25 for a Direct Club Referral

Earn $5 for a Indirect Club Referral

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Manage Your Account From Anywhere

It's the future! Why shouldn't your business always be at your fingertips?

4×7 Network Marketing Matrix

You and your team are placed into a 4×7 matrix that features spillover from above. What does this mean?

  1. Every Member has 4 people in their front line
  2. Your excess referrals get "spilled over" to the next level
  3. Your upline's referrals get "spilled down" to you from above
  4. You get paid through 7 levels

It's that simple.

Open the Door to a Unique Opportunity

Remember the .COM boom? Thousands of investors saw an opportunity to snatch up great names and resell them for immense profit.

Almost all new domain names are available for less than $20 through Domain Cost Club!

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